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A top 100 ranked podcast. Studying Techniques Services for revision. Merch. Online events. Faith Brynel, our CEO, is a third-year Politics student at Kings College London and an aspiring barrister. 

She enjoys badminton, spending time with friends and family, and podcasting/delivering live talks in her spare time. 

She also enjoys attending legal events at law firms or chambers, as well as political themed events. Faith is a Christian who attends church on Sundays and Bible class during the week.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn here

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  • The Faith Brynels Insights Podcast

    Our ranked How to podcast-hosted by our CEO Faith-Brynel. Last year, it was recently ranked 29 out of 100 on Apple podcasts in the How to category and was in the top 15% of podcasts shared globally.

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  • Revision tips

    We offer study tips, methods and resources! Need help with studying? Then you're in th right place..

    We also sell notebooks ro help with your revision and you can ask us any questions you have about studying anytime..

  • Speaking engagements

    Our CEO Faith-Brynel also speaks at events. She has recently spoken at a Student Beans Gen Z event and recently spoke at another event featuring National Express. She also delivers talks on an app called Wisdom.

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    Ideas that create brighter futures. LOGOS West Midlands CIC is a tuition company, offering mentoring services. 

  • Lolonyo

    Lolonyo sells black positive affirmation resources. 

  • Princes Trust

    The Prince's Trust is a youth charity that helps young people aged 11 to 30 get into jobs, education and training. I recently recieved a grant from this organisation to support my business development in the e-commerce sector. 

  • Tessy Idemudia, Runner Up for Clifford Chances’s Undergraduate of the Year Award.

    Faith Brynels Insights gave me some helpful insider advice that was helpful toward my success in becoming an Ambassador for Quizlet.

  • Student A- Aspiring Lawyer/Politician

    Thank you for your insights Faith." This was in response to the help I gave them re what subject to study at university and what I enjoyed about KCL.

  • Student B- Aspiring entrepreneur

    Faith Brynels Insights is very informative and gives the information on study skills I need!

  • Student C

    Hey, I've been watching your useful videos.

  • Student D

    I love your video's, they're very professional!

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