About Faith Brynels Insights

My business name is Faith-Brynel’s Insights. I have chosen this name because it is my name and it is part of my brand strategy. You may rightly ask why the FBI? Well, FB, speaks about my unique offer, however, the term ‘Insight’, speaks to the fact that the offer is designed to enable students to gain a better and more rounded insight/understanding of the elements that can be used to fashion their longer-term aspirations. For example, the FBI is a platform that provides advice around study tips/ skills, motivational ideas from people who have completed their student journies and hearing from academics and leading business people whose experience can help the student to make the most of their experiences etc.  

I also have a podcast that has the same name, it aims to give people an overview of education. This online digital programme/platform (podcast), allows the audience to listen to and download the episodes in their own time.  The material covers student life, study skills, and academic and commercial / business insights from a diverse perspective thereby enriching the FBI offer as the focus is to enable and empower people.