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Hi I'm Faith-Brynel and welcome to my website. I'm twenty years old and I am currently studying Politics at Kings College London. I am going into my last semester of my third year of university and I am a podcaster, blogger & public speaker. I am also an aspiring barrister and work at Selfridges & co part time. 

  • I have always been interested in why people express themselves in the way they do, and what causes them to act this way; so at one point in my life I wanted to become a clinical psychologist. My dad and I have always been interested in body language and a persons emotional intelligence. So naturally I thought this career path would enable me to showcase my skills for one but it was what I was passionate about. 

  • However, it was in year eleven after I'd taken part in the Independent Bar Mock Trial where I acted as an usher, that I realised two things. The first being that I was a passionate public speaker (the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts [LAMDA] helped with this!), but that I was passionate about the Law. At this point I wasn't sure what type of Law I wanted to specialise in, but I knew that I wanted to get into the Legal profession. 

  • Law is a subject that fascinates me as it will give me an opportunity to represent the underprivileged and fight for justice whilst advocating for those without a voice. At the same time, I believe I will be able to relate to those who have suffered injustice as I have grown up as part of a community where justice and fairness hasn't been at the forefront but discrimination and inferiority have. I intend to use the aforementioned as a catalyst that will shape the lawyer I will become. 

  • I was looking forward to studying International Law and Globalisation at the University of Birmingham. But you know following the Alevel results day, I am attending my insurance choice at Kings College London to study Poltics, which I also love. I also studied Politics for Alevel and so far this has been a very interesting and exciting experience ! I never thought I'd be leaving what was familiar to me, to start something completely new and different but when God chooses your path, all you can do is follow it. God is in control of what we do, so all we have to do is relax and let God have his way. 

  • I am now in my first semester at Kings College London, it has been challenging but God alone is taking me through ! As the songwriter says, "nobody told me that the road would be easy, but I don't believe he brought me this far to leave me" !

  • So that's my story so far... what will yours be! 


Which companies am is Faith-Brynel an ambassador for?

  • ​Quizlet- as an Education Advisor & ambassador. 

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  • Student Beans, as an Ambassador 

  • Bright Network, as an Ambassador

  • An Amazon Associate 

  • A Wisdom Top Mentor. I deliver educational/how to talks on the worlds largest social audio app. Listen here

What does she do in her spare time?

  • Podcasting 

  • Reading 

  • Walking 

  • I teach at LOGOS every Saturday. Head to logosdevelopment.co.uk for more information :) 

  • Blogging 

  • Church events such as Bible Class & Sunday School 

  • Law events 

  • Writing poetry 

  • Drawing

  • Appeared on the negotiation clubs podcast.
  • Badminton 

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