Study tips

Everyday studying tips:

  1. Choose the right study space - this is very important as it is where you will be working and completing tasks. You don't have to study in the same place every day, but ensure you feel productive. Also, ensure that you are free from distractions. 

  2. Make a task list- this is so important as it allows you to conceptualise what needs to be done. In other words, making a task list helps you to identify the important tasks

  3. Set daily and weekly goals - goal setting is imperative as it gives you something to work towards and makes it tangible 

  4. Take regular breaks - this helps you to feel rejuvenated (bring back energy) 

  5. Reward yourself - this is important as well to strike a balance. You need balance in your life, so don't forget to watch some Netflix, scroll through social media, take a nap, play your favourite sport or video game and so on ...